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Using make-up sex for conflict resolution tool may feel good at the time,

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It’s Time To Chill!
Now that Isibaya is coming to an end, many people are curious to find out what will occupy the 8.30pm slot on Mzansi Magic. DiepCity is the new kid on the block that will replace Isibaya. This new telenovela, produced by Black Brain, which is led by
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How To Move On Without Family, According To Quinsee
BE OBJECTIVE: As tricky as it may be, try to look at the situation from everyone’s perspective, as it helps to not fall into a victim or blaming mindset, but rather one of compassion, empathy and understanding. TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR ROLE IN THE SIT
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If you are a gym bunny or an athlete, you know that your body can’t heal on its own, it needs heating or cooling products, something for joint support, and relief from inflammation or to eliminate lactic acid build-up. There are lots of products on t