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Won’t this reduce our fighting fund?

There have been valid points raised for and against amalgamation into one voice for shooting sports (Do we sing

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They Said What
Who said it: Anonymous Why: An anonymous Welsh farming family thanked the police after their lives and those of their two young children were threatened by activists. Their experience was reported by fellow Welsh farmer Gareth Wyn Jones. ■
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Sporting Answers
Q Do green woodpeckers ever drum? A The answer is yes, but rarely. I encounter green woodpeckers frequently, seeing or hearing birds on a daily basis, but I have never heard one drumming, or even suspected one of doing so. My research suggests that
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Taking A Punt On Perennials
The cost of planting and managing game and cover crops is ever increasing and we, along with many others, are slowly expanding the acreage we plant with permanent and semi-permanent crops. Not only does it reduce costs after the initial year of estab