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I remember Pendomer
SOME years ago, on holiday in the Highlands, the dynamic Australian art dealer Rebecca Hossack asked me whether I liked driving. I thought about it. I said I liked being able to look at the changing pageant out of the window, I liked having a comfy c
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WE are looking at the Crocodile Coup, a defender having to win the trick with a higher card than necessary, swallowing partner’s high card, to avoid partner being endplayed. Declarer ruffed West’s King of Diamonds lead, crossed to the Ace of Hearts
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Tanks For The Memories
ON the wild, winding road to Flimston Chapel, a remote spot on the Pembrokeshire coast, you suddenly come across a sign in German: ‘FÜR LKW VERBOTEN’ (‘Forbidden for trucks’; LKW is short for Lastkraftwagen —German for trucks). Above it, in English,