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Fishy rise in wildlife crime

Law-breaking lockdown anglers have driven a surge in wildlife crime in Scotland. Quarterly data published by Police Scotland for the

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Going The Whole Hog
Andreas Jensen has not even reached the high seat when the first shot from a moderated rifle snaps on the other side of the forest. A few seconds later, another shot is heard, followed by the sound of a bullet hitting its target. Confirmation of the
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Game Cookery
Only once have I witnessed the early morning beauty of a teal flight. I am West Country born and discovered the great county of Suffolk late on, working at a food festival in Aldeburgh. My husband was invited by our hosts to get up at dawn to shoot t
Shooting Times & Country4 min letti
Predator Control Past
We were having a vermin drive during the first week of April and a stoat ran across the ride. I shot it and it turned out to be cream coloured, not an albino, but one still in its winter ‘plumage’. While it is quite common to see an ermine in the nor