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Amalgam Fillings Finally Get A Health Warning In The US
US health regulators have finally fallen into line with other authorities around the world to recognize amalgam fillings as a health hazard. Children, pregnant women, those planning to start a family and nursing mothers should have their teeth filled
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Common Cold Could Protect You From Covid-19
You may have cursed that cold you had last winter—but it could be protecting you against Covid-19. Your immune response may have been just a dress rehearsal for the more virulent SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19. The common cold, another coronav
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Miraculous Moves
For more than two years, Bianca Mollé dismissed the hand tremors she was experiencing. Being a type-A personality, she figured the shaking was just“nerves” or the result of too much caffeine from that second cup of coffee. But the tremor intensified