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Madness Of Heaven’s Gate Cult
IN THE afternoon of 26 March 1997, the San Diego county sheriff’s department received an anonymous tip-off. “This is regarding a mass suicide, and I can give you the address,” said the person on the line. First responders could have never imagined t
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Fashion Trends
One of the biggest trends on the runway for spring/summer is the all-white ensemble. From the runway to the street, a white-on-white combo is a fashion statement. It looks sleek and crisp and is undoubtedly one of the hottest looks of the year. Noth
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Nail Trends
This look was part of the Ujoh show at Milan Fashion Week. The most hassle-free way to achieve this trend is by using stickers. First shape your nails into the desired style, then paste and cut the nail stickers to the nail shape. Can’t pick one col