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Kids’ Kit
1. Sweet Protection Ripper JR helmet One size (48-53cm), £39.99 2. Little Rider Co SEND IT jersey Ages 2-12, £24.97 3. 100% Airmatic Youth gloves Youth S-XL, £23.99 4. Ma
Mountain Biking UK1 min letti
Local Knowledge
Nip out for a fast-paced after-work fitness lap Take care crossing the busy A460 that dissects the Dog and Monkey XC loops Stay polite and mindful of others – the trails are very busy, and with riders of varying abilities Cut corners or straight-line
Mountain Biking UK1 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
The suspension compressing due to the rearward/ downward transfer of weight when a rider pedals and the bike accelerates, which reduces pedalling efficiency. Disc brake design where the calliper uses two pistons to push the pads against the rotor (on