Photography Week


f you live in the UK you’re most likely aware of the classic jokes surrounding the unpredictable weather we have to endure. When out shooting, it’s challenging enough to manage rain, wind and less-than-ideal lighting, but this is multiplied exponentially by continuously shifting light. It’s something a photographer shooting in any

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Photography Week1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
“I shot this image of model Yasmine in my studio, with her outfit and pose designed to create a sensual feel.” “The Daymark, a limestone day beacon situated near Kingswear in South Devon, captured in the golden light of sunset
Photography Week1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Technique Assessment
To start, Jeremy set David’s camera to Aperture Priority mode (Av on the mode dial), so that he could have full control over the aperture setting. For most of the cityscapes they’d be using a mid-range aperture of between f/11 and f/16 to get a large
Photography Week8 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Zoom To The Stars
Wide-angle zooms are favoured for landscapes, as well as for architectural photography. But turn your gaze heavenwards on a star-studded night and you can take in a whole new perspective. For shooting the Milky Way with a full-frame camera, a zoom ra