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Computer culture: programming for life

BIOBOTS: computer-generated biology

he new biobots are made of cells from the African clawed frog.

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Science Illustrated1 min lettiAstronomy & Space Sciences
Huge Telescope Network Focuses On Black Holes
1 Astronomers observe black holes using telescopes that capture radio waves. Unlike visible light, these waves can travel through the atmosphere to reach the surface. 2 Due to Earth’s rotation, each telescope can see a black hole for half of the day.
Science Illustrated1 min lettiMedical
15 Years Of Work Done In One Year
Normally it would take 10-15 years to develop a new vaccine and bring it to market. But with efficient cooperation between drug makers and health authorities, the COVID-19 vaccine was developed in less than a year – without compromising safety. SHUTT
Science Illustrated1 min lettiBiology
4 Variants Compete To Win
1 SARS-CoV-2's genetic material (white) is first destroyed by high temperatures. The virus exterior remains intact and so trains the immune system to recognise the real virus. The method is familiar, but in rare cases the weakened virus could cause d