Okinawa prefecture’s chain of islands suspend from mainland Japan like the rope of a giant Buddhist prayer bell – connected yet made of a more organic, flexible substance.

Inhabitants of the former Ryukyu Kingdom are recognisable from a mile off for their wide smiles, laid-back attitude and enormous hearts. Cultural variances are detectable in language, religion, architecture, the arts and, perhaps most notably, in the cuisine – an eclectic hot pot deemed the secret to sustaining the planet’s highest ratio of might have been bedazzled beyond repair but it s a brilliant base for retail therapy and dining at either end of a tropical flop hike or dive adventure – or whatever else floats your canoe. Luxuriously appointed soars above the bustling strip providing a calm oasis in a sea of busy. Regency Club packages include VIP lounge access for seamless check ins and breakfast, afternoon tea or cocktails over twinkling city views. The strategically situated property bumps up against a maze of crackled pavements and rustic facades housing hip bars and gorgeous stores like for hand-crafted homewares, vintage goods and antiques arranged into living museum-like spaces (check out 20 Century Heights). There’s also some serious roasting action – gear is heady and its housemade chocolate cheese cube and honey custard puddings deserve AO ratings.

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