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s we look back on 2020 many will be reflecting on the historic nature of current events this year. There’s one still to come, however, which will make astronomical history. On 21 December Jupiter

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BBC Sky at Night2 min lettiScience & Mathematics
What’s Online
As Juno approaches the end of its 10-year mission, it’s a good time to catch this short but fact-packed documentary based on NASA’s latest findings about the behemoth planet that shaped our Solar System.Available on Amazon Prime Hampshire Astronomica
BBC Sky at Night1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Setting Up A Star Tracker
Mount your tracker on a sturdy tripod that’s able to hold its weight without sagging, then level it and set it to your latitude. Make sure everything is tightened up with no slippage. Using its finderscope or device, align the tracker on the Pole Sta
BBC Sky at Night2 min lettiScience & Mathematics
The Southern Hemisphere
Enjoy the distinctive star patterns of the southern Milky Way, including the Southern Cross 1 April at 00:00 AEDT (13:00 UT) 15 April at 23:00 AEDT (12:00 UT) 30 April at 22:00 AEDT (11:00 UT) The chart accurately matches the sky on the dates and tim