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Folding knives are versatile carry pieces. They can be toted daily whether you’re a mechanic, carpenter, plumber, police officer, firefighter, emergency medical technician, hunter, hiker, a member of the military or even an office worker in a corporate setting.

In an office, one needs to be careful with the selection of his or her EDC (everyday carry) knife. It’s best to remain on the conservative side of things, not wanting to whip out a large tactical flipper folder for opening boxes or mail.

A new class of folding knife has emerged over the past few years that addresses environments such as this. The knives borrow traits that made tactical folders popular and distill them down to small and compact forms for easy carry and unobtrusiveness, particularly when blades are opened in public settings.

Urban EDC knives are easy to acquire and use once an enthusiast becomes familiar with the features and quality pieces available on the market. The knives blend in well in the office, but also have substance for tackling tough cutting chores. They’re equally at home

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