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Adele THIRTY FREE And Thriving
She may be staying out of the spotlight as much as possible these days, but Adele gave a glimpse of her private life as she celebrated her 33rd birthday on May 5. The singer treated fans to a stunning trio of snaps, showing fans that she’s looking an
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French Girl Chic
Like a vintage tweed jacket, Parisian beauty rituals are carefully guarded, passed from mother to daughter and the envy of women across the globe. With whisperings from Paris, we unlock the long-held secrets to their perfectly imperfect approach to b
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Whisky Business
Launched in 2012, World Whisky Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of May. Whether you’re a connoisseur or not, the day encourages people from all over the world to take the time to learn, savour and enjoy this amber nectar. With so many amazing