Personality: Martin Kohlstedt

»Recording the subconscious was an exciting struggle. «

Beat / How much distance do you already have from „Flur“? Did you have time to reflect it yet?

Martin/ It‘s two months old now. I often need the mirror of other people who work with me in order to feel it too. I try to get the music out of myself as clearly and authentically as possible without editing, changing or conceptualizing it too much. I want it to just „be“. Only then can I hear it myself. It also makes me a little afraid to hear it together with other people.

Beat / Interesting, because most artists say of themselves that they hardly ever hear an album after its completion.

Martin/ It‘s different with me. I hear it very often because the pieces develop permanently. On the album, I have only recorded the origins and listening is like returning to them. It helps me to adjust it again and again.

Beat / Do you have a clear vision before starting a production or do you just let yourself drift?

I was given a lot of responsibility with this great choir project. It grew and grew and there was a 70-strong choir involved that felt like an army.

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