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ASHLEY MANTA IS AN award-winning sex and relationship coach who is in the business of changing people’s lives. A dedicated hedonist, Manta is a living embodiment of her work. She lives and embraces a decadent lifestyle and rightfully indulges in delicious food, beautiful sights, luxurious fabrics and the affirmation she experiences after empowering her clients to feel that they are worthy and deserving of pleasure.

An expert in utilizing cannabis with sex, Manta devised the term “CannaSexual” to describe the practice of mindfully and deliberately combining sex and cannabis to deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure. While she has deep insight into this realm, as a sex and relationship coach, most of her current caseload is not at all related to cannabis, but, rather, communication. A commonly experienced plight for many couples is the desire discrepancy, when one partner has a greater sexual drive than the other. Manta regularly works with couples on how to navigate this. High Times caught up on her new book, The CBD Solution: Sex (part of the Merry Jane CBD series), which explains how cannabis and its many compounds, like CBD, can change your everyday life.


The CannaSexual method involves pre-talk with your partner. “Before you consume, before

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The Cannabis Genus
EFFECTS: Known for uplifting, almost stimulant-like effects. Sativas are more commonly associated with cerebral effects, paranoia and inner dialogue. For daytime consumption. MORPHOLOGY: Tall and laxly branched; thinner fan leaves; more stretched. Ab
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Cannabis Crosswords
3 The organ that turns THC into 11-OH-THC (served with onions) 4 A verb, a noun, the name for a friend and a smokable part of the cannabis plant 6 A gizmo that heats bud without lighting it on fire 8 A guy’s name, culinary garnish or slang for cannab