Denver Life Magazine


Heart of the home

t a fundamental level, Denver-based artist says her nest paintings address relationships and culminate the intimacy of the home. “They’re about our relationship with the natural world—so intrinsically a part of us—but they also speak to the subtle relational currents between people or families, often evoking deep and unexpectedly unearthed emotions.” That’s why bird nests captivate the heart of so many. “I use a limited palette, building sheer color to a rich depth; and methodically work my way around the circular piece. As I work each nest, I picture the bird building it: moving around and around concentrically. It must have woven these sticks and grasses in a similar way. There is a kinship and a beauty in this emotional connection to the process of building and application. And, as a result, when working on a commissioned piece, I weave in prayers for the recipients as I paint."

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