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For hunters in heavily pressured Northern areas, getting late-season opportunities at mature bucks is beyond difficult and teeters on impossible. The few bucks that survive months of intense bow- and gun-hunting pressure are more in tune with how to avoid hunters. Worse, they rarely move during daylight.


Bitter cold decreases hunting competition dramatically. And as the days progress, diminished hunting pressure and the need to replenish body fat lost during the rut and an abbreviated late rut gradually prompts some bucks to move during daylight. You can capitalize on this if you’re willing to brave the cold.

Many factors create realistic opportunities for the few mature bucks that make it through rifle/shotgun/muzzleloader buck seasons. Previous hunting pressure, food sources in your area, types of bedding-area terrain to which you have access, your ability to dress for the weather and even the types of trees available to hunt from play major roles in your chances of success.

Without a bedding area and/or preferred food source, your odds of success will be almost zero. The bedding area doesn’t have to be a large area of nasty cover, but

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