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I’d known the small water hole was about a quarter of the way up the ridge. Frankly, I knew the farm very well, but the water hole just wasn’t positioned right. It was on the opposite side of the crop-filled valley from where the bucks bedded, and they had water on that side, too. Why drop down a steep ridge, cross a bunch of open food, only to climb a quarter the way up the opposite side to get a drink, when a great water source was right near their beds? I’d pretty much ignored that side, as the big boys lived on the other ridge.

Fast forward to late October the following season and I was just climbing up the stand I’d set on that pond. Just having strapped my Hunter Saftey System in, before even getting the bow up, I heard him coming in fast! The following 90ish seconds were about as high stress as they come, as I had to get the bow up, in hand, knock an arrow and pull off

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Deer & Deer Hunting6 min letti
When Deer disappear
I was stoked! I came within a whisker of having a decent buck enter bow range and had seen several other deer during my afternoon sit. I couldn’t have been more confident for the next day’s hunt on the isolated alfalfa field. Not seeing the buck that
Deer & Deer Hunting6 min letti
Next World Record
What will the next world record typical whitetail look like? Will it have the awesome width of Milo Hanson’s magnificent, big-framed buck with its 27?⁄?-inch inside spread? Or the tremendous mass of the Jordan buck, with its soaring 30-inch main beam
Deer & Deer Hunting6 min letti
The Prudence Of Shooting More Bucks
I enjoy the taste of venison, so I’ve never considered myself a buck hunter. Putting a year’s worth of steaks, chops and burger into my freezer overrides my desire for antlers. However, the past few years, I’ve passed on chances to shoot other deer o