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he perfect charm to start your magical journey! Harry’s

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Total Girl3 min letti
Comeback Queen
The sitch: You accidentally fall over in public! The comeback: The only thing you can do is get back up, dust yourself off and laugh! (If you’re not injured of course). Humour is a great way to diffuse a potentially embarro situation. Here are our fa
Total Girl4 min letti
Meet Australia ’s A.r.m.y
group - with 13K members! TG gets the goss from Barbara, who helps run one of the biggest online BTS fan groups in the country! How does it feel to see so many BTS fans in Australia? and New Zealand? To say it’s amazing, is an understatement. I’
Total Girl1 min letti
Total Girl
Roseanne Scott Sandra Markovic Aaron Streatfeild Rebekah Manibog Veronica Caruana, Louise Meers, Marisa Morea, Eleni Moutevelis, Anna Radcliffe, Mandy Streatfeild and Georgia Sutton Vera Cheung ADVERTISING DIRECTOR – KIDS Anabel Tweedale