We have been led to believe that creativity is something that a special few possess - artists, writers, poets, musicians, and actors. A list of ‘creative’ fields will include all of the above, with some professional fields thrown into the mix like architecture and interior design. And so, as often happens, some people seeking more ‘creativity’ in their lives will sign

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Womankind6 min letti
Written In Textiles
In the shadow of the 20,800-foot snow-clad peak of Ausangate in the southern Peruvian Andes, Maria Merma Gonzalo works at her loom, leaning back on a strap around her waist, just as her ancestors have done for centuries. She uses a wichuna, or llama
Womankind4 min lettiPsychology
Lessons In Anger
In a recent interview, author Anne Lamott quoted her friend who said: “If you’re an American girl over the age of 12 and you’re not angry, you’ve completely missed the boat.” The sentiment now seems almost universally applicable: not being angry may
Womankind6 min letti
Antonia Sanchez Huarcaya
My mother and father are from Lucanas, the largest province in the Ayacucho region. I was born there too, and I moved to Lima when I was 14 years old, without knowing how to speak Spanish. I only spoke Quichua, which is my native language. There were