ou may have no control over the wild, unpredictable world you live in, but you do have control over how you choose to live your life. How? Through perspective. Think of perspective as you would if you owned a few pairs of glasses. You have your favourite sunnies: bright, positive and fun to wear. When you wear them, which is often, the world feels like sunshine. Then you have your reading glasses: a little more serious, sharp and direct. You reach for them when you need to be clear and focused or when you’re studying. You have one last pair and, when you wear them, a heaviness begins to frame your outlook on life. This makes sense: the lenses are darker in colour, almost grey and foggy. You’re constantly switching between your different-coloured shades — often without even realising it. What colour sunnies are you wearing now? The more you ask yourself that question, the sooner you’ll learn

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Despite being considered the plant foods of the future, seaweeds are not true plants — they are actually primitive multicellular marine macroalgae. Seaweeds live in seawater attached to rocks or hard ocean floors in coastal areas. Macroalgae, or seaw
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The Rosicrucian Order
The Rosicrucian Order is an ancient mystical, philosophical and scientific organisation that seeks to promote mutual understanding and peace in all countries of the world. It does this through its unique home study system which provides a foundation
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Treating Skin Allergies
I’ve used an integrative approach to treating allergic skin disease in pets for over 15 years. Improvements can take several months, but we can usually reduce the reliance on conventional medications, reduce symptoms and improve the quality of life.