The unsung power of giving

It has been a year fraught with climate, virus and economic anxiety. We have been turned inside out, our sacred “normal” shaken from us with such vigour that we’ve been left battered and bruised from a tumble dryer of crises set to high heat and maximum spin. Everything that once felt reliable is now draped in fear and the impact feels brutally physical.

But we’re a resilient species, us humans. Each of the year’s disasters has been followed by a procession of headlines reporting million-dollar fundraisers, “pivoting” businesses and community support groups devoted to aiding the elderly and those vulnerable to COVID-19. There have been campaigns to encourage travel to bushfire affected towns and gift card endeavours to help struggling restaurants.

… embracing the spirit of generosity, especially at this time of year, cultivates more joy and fulfilment in our lives.

We’re still here, still navigating the chaos, weaving a patchwork quilt of “new normals” ready for more of the socially distanced chill that lurks on the horizon.

Our social responsibility has saved us, like a lifebuoy holding

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