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Janet Jackson Strapped For Cash?
Janet Jackson is raising eyebrows by selling off her possessions! The pop star, once worth a rumoured $190 million, has arranged to auction off more than 1000 pieces of historical memorabilia from her four-decade career. Among the one-of-a-kind ite
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Billion-dollar Divorce Club!
MacKenzie Scott became the world’s third-wealthiest woman after their 2019 divorce. Rupert divorced Anna in 1999, before remarrying just days later. Jocelyn landed a monster settlement plus an annual $130 million for 13 years, according to Reut
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Q How can I clean my wooden chopping board without using chemicals that will damage the board? A For a natural cleaner, mix equal quantities of bicarbonate of soda and table salt with enough water to form a thick paste. Scrape off any food residue f