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GALILEE PAUSED AT the large outcropping of rock lining one wall of the canyon rising before her. Among the sharp cliffs and sparse foliage, there was no sound or sign of movement. No trespassing. It is the law and part of the ongoing treaty. But she
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Cover And Border
Ingrid Kallick is an artist and writer. She learned folk art from her grandparents, who emigrated from Norway, Bohemia, and Ukraine. Rumor has it that she was abducted by fairies as a child. After returning, she became an artist, with her first publi
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The Cat With No Meow
“JESSALYN, ARE YOU trying to merge with your chair at the cellular level?” Mrs. Lockwood asked me in her low, croaky voice from the front of the classroom. Twenty heads turned in my direction, to witness whatever cellular merging was. My plan to disa