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To clean glass shower doors, use a white foam eraser sponge, cutting out a space to insert a dishwasher tablet. Wet the glass, wipe with the sponge

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Anaesthesia Allergy
• Although rare, allergic responses can range from wheezing and a rash to anaphylactic reactions which can be life-threatening. • Those with a history of face swelling or itching should tell their anaesthetist. • Anaesthetists are trained to recogn
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ASK THE Doctor
Q I’ve been told that I have a frozen shoulder. My doctor has given me some anti-inflammatory pills, but things seem to be getting worse. I can’t dress myself and I’m struggling to use the handbrake in my car. Is there anything else I can do? A Yes
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We’re Twins WHO MARRIED TWINS ... And Had Twins!
How long until they figure it out do you think?’ I said, taking Darlene’s pants and shimmying into them. ‘We’ll get through the whole class,’ she laughed. Walking out into the school corridor, I raised my eyebrows mischievously at Darlene and then sk