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HAVE you ever been about to take a bite of food when you accidentally dropped it and it fell to the floor? If so, you’ve experienced force.

We’re constantly surrounded by forces. There are push and pull forces that make objects move, that increase or decrease their speed or make them stay in one place. Forces make objects move.

Think of a weightlifter swiftly picking up a heavy weight and holding it above his head. He uses his muscles to push the weight up above his head, while Earth’s gravity pulls the weight towards the ground.

For a few seconds he balances the weight, holding it in one place above his head, until

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IF WE were allowed to be having many dinner parties, I’m sure the topic of vaccines would have dominated discussions. Of course, the irony of not being able to have those dinner parties until we’ve had the vaccines isn’t lost on me. I’ve been fascin
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Last year, sales of electric cars in Norway outstripped sales of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars. This is a first for any country in the world. A decade ago, only one in every 100 cars sold in the country was electric. Last year, it increased to 54 in
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Wow, can I relate to the letter from Michele who wrote in about her grumpy mom and dad (YOU Say, 7 January)! I know what she’s getting at about her parents’ relationship as my hubby of 52 years and I are exactly the same – all the arguing, disagreeme