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Pic’o Mix: Defining Games
■ Undoubtedly the Pico-8’s most famous game is the original version of Celeste, which would later be elaborated on to create the critically acclaimed platformer that hit PC and consoles in 2018. The original is still great, as is the sequel Celeste 2
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THE MAKING OF No One Lives Forever 1&2
The late Nineties were a pioneering time for first-person shooters, but also a time when these early 3D games were all slathered in dark, rusty colour palettes. Then, like an expressionistic splattering of rainbow paints in a drab industrial control
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Sonic 3d: Flickies’ Island
Sonic’s Mega Drive swansong was an isometric platformer developed by Traveller’s Tales that employed pre-rendered CGI sprites – a style that had been popularised by Nintendo’s Donkey Kong Country a couple of years prior. Sonic was tasked with rescuin