Walking cautiously down the seemingly abandoned city streets, a solitary man peers suspiciously at his surroundings. A flicker of motion in the periphery of his vision brings his travel to an abrupt halt. He shifts the weight of his survival pack on its straps and shoulders his carbine, turning in the direction of the potential danger. Creeping forward, the man sees a pair of ragged survivors fumbling with something that resembles a makeshift explosive. He decides to eliminate this threat and scavenge whatever supplies he can from what remains. Bringing his eye to his scope, he puts the crosshairs on his first target. He takes a deep breath, exhales slowly, and holds steady. He begins applying pressure to the trigger and bam! — the man is knocked unconscious with a brutal impact to the side of the head.

Without a partner to watch his back, another person was able to sneak up behind this loner while he was distracted. The rest of the story is probably a bit

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