In Business and the Rise Together

trained brothers Ashot and Vazgen Avakyan to be problem-solvers, but their entrepreneurial instincts were already sharp in grade school. Growing up in Armenia, their father would pay them for every book they read. They also earned money by washing vehicles for him and his business

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And To Take It Further Still...
Here is an uncomfortable truth: In time, everything in your life, as you know it, will perish. This is true of your relationships, your jobs, and, perhaps especially so, your business. It’s not nihilism; it’s just reality. But rather than taking this
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Data-Driven Marketing in Action
When it comes to digital marketing experience, Ajay Gupta’s background is decidedly varied. As a teenager, he ran a wrestling website. Later, after graduate school, he briefly joined Hillary Clinton’s 2008 run for President of the United States. When
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Meet America’s Prepaid Phone Pioneer
The U.S. may be one of the last countries to move away from post-paid cell phone contracts to prepaid options, explains serial entrepreneur Parvez Jasani, CEO of Zulie Venture Inc., which does business as CellPay. “Only America had a post-pay contrac