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for hours came naturally to , Managing Director and CEO, Infrasoft Technologies. His father, a cardiologist, would often draw parallels between life and lessons in and epics such as the , and . “The reading of the Puranas, either as translated books or stories, helped me draw parallels of the concepts used in them with modern day practices. In today’s times, and epics give us valuable lessons on management theory.” He connects the pandemic-led lockdown with of the Pandavas in the . The Pandavas had to endure a 13-year expulsion from their kingdom by the Kauravas. “When they came to the end of the 12th year in exile, they donned disguises as minister, cook, dance teacher and maid. Currently, we are all working from home and taking up various roles in the house. Companies and employees that can ‘don the disguises’ and adopt new methods will be the ones that will go on to be emperors after the . Those that don’t will have to start all over again.” Similarly, he applies the meaning of , and in the corporate world. “What goes around comes around. is a reflection of our actions and deeds. represents processes, our duties & rights, laws and code of conduct. is or the ultimate end. It represents a product lifecycle or year-end. And in these synonyms of the lifecycle, is reincarnation or re-birth, which signifies the new financial year when we bear the fruits of Karma of our previous year.”

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