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Cartridge Of The Week
The smokeless powders I have written about recently were all bulk powders. Bulk powders were made to deliver the same pressure as the equivalent volume of blackpowder. This was useful, because a loader could use the same measure for loading cartridge
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Sporting Answers
Q Can you please recommend a .223 Remington factory load that I can use during the new Chinese water deer (CWD) season? A If you use your .223 Remington for foxes and are then using it for CWD, I would recommend you use a heavier load and a more co
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Game Cookery
Koulibiac is a Russian showstopper pie, served as a centrepiece at feasts. It is a standing pie — it is not made in a dish, but ‘built’ on a baking sheet. Traditionally, the layers include salmon, sautéed mushrooms and cooked rice. I first became awa