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Tried And Tested
The flexi brush head gets to the very root of the lashes, and draws the fibre formula up beyond the tips to create the most startling length and volume we’ve seen from a mascara. Achieve salon shine at home with this cosseting colourant enriched with
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21 March-20 April Focus is on family life and building connections where relationships are concerned. Change is coming, and you want to move forward with a clear path. • Call 0905 817 0690* for more 21 April-21 May You may try to recreate the cuisine
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Win! £375 cash!
Can you set a puzzle in this format? Send it, with a photo of yourself, to the address on p3. There’s £20 for every one we use! This week’s puzzle was compiled by Sophia Turner, Bournemouth, Dorset 1 Street 2 Unwrap 3 Eye inflammation 4 Throw 1 Oxide