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You South Africa1 min letti
‘Leafy’ Bug
FEW lizards are as bizarre and fascinating as the satanic leaf-tailed gecko. Not many people have seen these critters in their natural habitat because they’re masters of camouflage. After all, these geckos look just like leaves! Scientists’ name for
You South Africa4 min letti
A Write Royal Celebration
BRINGING out a book seems to be royal de rigueur these days. No sooner have you said, “What, another one?” than yes, another one is winging its way onto the shelves. From children’s books to coffee-table specials and even a raunchy romance – you name
You South Africa6 min letti
Something More
IT SHOULD’VE felt like an invasion of her privacy. But it didn’t. Not with Andrew. Not after all these years. Lucy remembered that first visit. She’d instantly warmed to him, deciding that first day that she’d always come to his optometry practice. L