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The Browning Maral SF’s Classic Update

MANY European gunmakers have cherished lavishly ornamented personal weapons. In Germanic countries firearms are not only designed to be trustworthy, but reliable, ingenious and often beautiful. So, the desire to build them of the finest materials and enhance them with elegant scroll engraving and game scenes has continued to the present day. The latest high-quality Browning Maral is no exception.

Good looks are largely a matter of taste, and a rifle's lines can vary a good deal within the limits of functional efficiency. The handsome Maral with its restrained elegance will appeal to most gun lovers, being an artful mix of ancient techniques and modern materials.

The receiver is the main attraction, its body is black anodized aluminium with a silver panel on each side depicting images of popular game animals. On the left side there's a rutting red stag with a pair of hinds. The right panel has images of wild European boars showing one's head and tusks.

The two-piece stock has slim, trim European contours of spectacular AAA exhibition-grade Turkish walnut, featuring a high, rounded, slightly curved hogsback comb suited to scope use. The Bavarian-style refined cheekpiece gracefully blends with the nose of the moderately-dished comb, accommodating the base

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