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If you only do one thing

very year, the flu jab is offered for free to people most at risk of contracting seasonal flu – and this year five million more people than usual are eligible in order to prevent hospitals becoming

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Your At-home Pilates Workout
This move doesn’t just hit your core, it’s heavy in the shoulders as well. When doing this exercise, go slow and controlled; the slower you can draw your knees in and out the harder the exercise becomes. • Start by bringing yourself into a plank posi
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‘I Lived With Back Pain FOR OVER 30 YEARS’
‘When I was 19, I hurt myself doing what I thought was a simple exercise. I was stretching out, trying to put my head to my knees. When I couldn’t quite reach, I asked my friend to give me a push. I felt something in my back go ‘twang’ and was plague
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Forget chocolate – these moreish bars contain 1.6 net grams of carbs and are made with coconut, seeds, nuts and cocoa butter. We reckon these taste better too. COMPILED BY: ROSE GOODMAN. PHOTO: ALAMY. *UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. ** BRITISH NUTRITION F