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Comfort in CARBS

Cutting out starches and sugars has become so synonymous with trimming your waistline that you might find it hard to believe you can eat all your favourite carby foods and still lose weight.

But, it’s true – it’s perfectly possible to lose pounds without depriving yourself of carbs. What’s more, you’ll probably find weight loss easier when you don’t feel that dreaded diet deprivation that comes from cutting out foods you enjoy. And with carbs still a feature in your diet, your energy levels are far less likely to flag.

How the comfort in carbs diet works

Our healthy diet is calorie-controlled (to a max of 1,500 calories a day) to achieve the sustained weight loss you need, but also contains modest portions of carbohydrate foods (including one or two sweet treats) to satisfy your carb cravings.

Carbohydrates contain only

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