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our young dog reliably displaying the behaviour we want on a shoot day and make it so they are able to cope with the excitement? Lizzie, the lovely little flatcoat I am training, is making great progress on her basic sit, heel and recall at home. We have

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Shooting Times & Country1 min letti
Next Week In Shooting Times
The best ways to keep your eye in over the summer months. Stalking the diminutive deer in Essex. Is there such thing as an all-round gundog? How to build the perfect high seat and make the most of the advantage it offers. ... AND MUCH MORE! ■
Shooting Times & Country1 min letti
How To Tell If Your Gun Fits You:
Are you experiencing pain or bruising in your face, shoulder or second finger of your trigger hand? Practising your mount in a mirror — are you having to adjust to align your eye over the rib? Closed eye gun mount — mount your gun on a ceiling corn
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A biting northerly wind is chilling me to the bone as I make my way about my daily rounds. Pausing as I open a gate, I’m always taken by surprise by the speed of the growth in the arable crops on the estate. Seeds sown in the autumn in a hurried but