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Whatever level of keyboard playing you’re at, there’s always more to be learned if you want to. If you’re serious about taking your playing to the next level, working on your basic piano technique is an obvious move, since piano is the granddaddy of all other keyboard instruments. Every iconic Hammond organ, Rhodes or synth player in your personal top ten will undoubtedly have started their journey by learning piano to some level.

We’ve given you a fair amount to get your teeth (or fingers!)

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Get With The Programmers
cm How did you get into music and music production software? JG “I first got into making music from my love of happy hardcore. I was fascinated by how it was made and how they had sampled records. I started using Rave eJay to make music, it progres
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Computer Music
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Spectral Time Hypnosis
We can’t get away without mentioning Live 11’s new Spectral Time device. This is technically an audio effect device, and you’ll find it located in the Audio Effects/Delay & Loop folder, but it could be thought of more as a sample-based instrument. Wh