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Is your desk in the corner diagonal to the room’s entrance? If so, you’re sitting in the ‘Command Position’, which is best of all. Next best is having the door within view, perhaps with a slight turn of the head. Sitting with your back to a room’
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Astro With Jenny Blume
Q Can you see me caravanning in the future? I dream of travelling around Australia, but my Capricorn partner (of two years) prefers five-star hotels and resorts. PAMELA, CANBERRA, ACT. A With your sun and Mars both in Sagittarius, travelling is in yo
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Research shows that almost one in four Aussies don’t get their adequate fix of vitamin D. The good news? There are plenty of ways to top up your levels – and some can be done indoors! Shauna Anderson, a naturopath and expert for Whole Earth & Sea (wh