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Sensing NATURE

Having a connection with nature is essential for human beings to thrive, particularly children. In fact, many experts agree that time spent in green spaces can make us feel happier and healthier. After all, it’s embedded in our genes to be in the outdoors, breathing fresh air and growing or gathering food. But how do we do that when our towns and cities are becoming

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New Zealand Woman’s Weekly2 min lettiPaganism & Neo-Paganism
It’s A Kind OF MAGIC
Anew novel from Alice Hoffman is always a treat. I love this author’s writing and the magical element that always colours her stories. As the title suggests, this one is particularly rich with spells and potions, miracles and mystery. It is the prequ
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly1 min letti
About The Author… Alice Hoffman
She lives in Boston and has written more than 30 novels since she began her career in her early twenties. Her stories are bestsellers and are published across the world. I wanted to write this prequel… so that I could discover more of the Owens famil
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly3 min letti
NO POMP, NO CEREMONY The royals abandon Christmas
The royal family are known for being sticklers for tradition and Christmas is no exception. They’ve done the same thing every year for decades now, including adhering to a rigid timetable when everyone gathers at Sandringham for the festive celebrati