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From The Editor
The coronavirus has meant that all over the world people have been forced to cancel events or hold them via video conference, so it is truly wonderful that Kiwis have been able to celebrate success with two live events recently! The Aotearoa Music A
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PREP + COOK TIME 20 MINS SERVES 4 200g ricotta cheese200g feta2/3 cup sour cream2 eggsSalt and black pepper8 sheets filo pastryCooking oil spray 2 Lebanese cucumbers, finely sliced250g mixed tomatoes, halved½ cup black olives, pitted, halved½ cup
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly2 min letti
There’s nothing like going on a sentimental journey, re-reading cards you’ve received over the years, marking a milestone in your life, and hearing those voices from the past speaking to you again. Signing off! May I raise the issue of greeting ca