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The Croix de Guerre

Throughout the 19th century, many European nations upheld the long-standing tradition of mentioning acts of bravery in dispatches. Typically, these were an administrative honor with no medal or other significant award accompanying it. Then, during the titanic struggle that France faced in WWI, Deputy Émile Briant proposed reinstating this practice by awarding a medal to recognize heroic acts on the battlefield.

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How Do You Display?
In the September 2020 issue of Military Trader, we presented photos of mannequin displays constructed by members of the Facebook group, World War I AEF Collectors. That article prompted several readers to share their own, special display techniques.
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Books In Brief
The Awards of the Luftwaffe, by Antonio Scapini, (ISBN: 978-1-5323-3881-1, B&D Publishing, LLC, POB 652, Richmond, MI 48062 Available from: Hardcover, 9 ½” x 7”, 304 pages, profuse illustrations, a great many in color 2018, $115.00
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