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“I am disciplined. I am focused. I am healthy.” Confidently written in a journal entry one Thursday morning last March, these self-affirmations were much-needed pick-me-ups for a then troubled Ben Wintle. And why wouldn’t he need all the positive reinforcement he can muster during that time–his wife, Iza, was about to be admitted into a hospital; his phone was buzzing with messages of concern from friends and family; his company, Booky, was carefully navigating around the shifting food and beverage industry. But amid the emerging trials and tribulations from all aspects of his life, Ben manages to achieve a state of mental clarity all throughout.

Honestly speaking, it’s rather

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Where Do We Go From Here?
Much has been said about this year in volatile and violent exasperations. This isn’t a tale of gloom and doom, but with a point of reference rendered as what once was, we are now left to figure out where life leads us in a world post-pandemic. While
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Seek And You Shall Find
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In The Light Of Day
At a glance, nothing seemed out of the ordinary: the sun poking through the filters of nature, the leaves rustling to the gentle chiding of the wind, and the stillness pervading the scene at hand. But with conversations that hinged on sushi bake, ube