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The last few months have been a massive uptake in all kinds of e-commerce services. Another

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The Disappearing Giant Of Madagascar
CHAMELEONS ARE BIZARRE-LOOKING REPTILES that have captured the interest of hobbyists since the 1800s. They come with a prehensile tail like monkeys, turret-like eyes with a 360-degree vision that operates independently. Their amazing body patterns in
Forbes Africa2 min lettiBiology
Virus Scan
Currently there are several variations of the original virus that have manifested itself across the globe; six of these however have sparked concern due to their impact on the spread of infection. Africa is experiencing three of the six known variant
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THE 100 th ISSUE And Celebrating Change
I LOVE MILESTONES AND rejoice each one. We have so many challenges in our lives, therefore, we must stop to rejoice moments that fill us with pride. This is the 100th issue of FORBES AFRICA and we joyously celebrate this occasion even as the publishi