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Reid Bremner
My friend Reid Bremner lost his courageous battle against lung cancer in March. In November 2018, I sent a message to a group of Reid’s trail running mates, asking for some epic reading ideas for Reid as he faced the first of many long hospital visit
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Time To Shine
67 TRAIL EVENTS FROM OCTOBER TO DECEMBER Event status and dates may be affected by lockdown changes. Cape Town's Karoline Hanks in the zone at the 2016 Cederberg Traverse. 9-11 October, WESTERN CAPE. PHOTO GOVAN BASSON | TOTALKAOS STUDIO Trail Series
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Your Feet Talk
Is it possible that by looking at your feet you can diagnose or prevent injuries? The way our bodies are put together is amazing and by looking at one structure, you can actually see the functions (or lack thereof) in other structures. As a biokineti