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Because backlighting is so inherently striking, you’ll find that it presents many different possibilities for creative images. Lens flare is an optical by-product that photographers often strive to avoid much of the time, but it can be used to add drama and interest to your backlit portraits.

“Lens flares and light rays can add a fascinating dimension to your portrait”, says Greta Tuckute. “It is difficult to control the position of the light rays in the

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Photography Week1 min lettiComputers
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Photography Week1 min lettiComputers
Smooth Skin The Smart Way
The Skin Smoothing Filter is part of Adobe’s new Neural Filters workspace, which features a selection of filters that employ artificial intelligence to analyze image content and determine which areas to affect. Skin Smoothing can automatically recogn
Photography Week4 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Paint Your Garden
1 HOUR Light painting is a wonderful way to make the ordinary look extraordinary, and you don’t necessarily need to travel far to create photos that look out-of-this-world. In this project we’ll show you how to get set up to shoot eye-catching light-