History of War


The battle of Khafji was to be one of national prestige and as the area was Saudi soil, it was felt that the Saudi National Guard, with support from Qatari troops, should be given the role of driving the Iraqis out. These forces were under General Khalid, backed by US Marines and Coalition airpower. “Two British advisers from the British Military Mission to the National Guard accompanied the engagement,” Ambassador Alan Munro later admitted.

If the Coalition had given Saddam

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Battle Of leuthen
The blue-coated Prussian soldiers marched south over hard frozen ground blanketed with a light dusting of snow towards the nondescript village of Sagschutz at midday, on 5 September, 1757. A string of low hills masked their march from the watchful ey
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Mongol Empire
Born as Temüjin Borjigin, the future Genghis Khan comes to power by uniting Mongol nomadic tribes under his rule. He gains his name in 1206 when he is proclaimed as the ‘Universal Ruler’ of Mongolia. This enables Genghis Khan to begin a supremely amb
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IWM North’s new exhibition explores the vital role of aid workers who assist those in need during modern conflicts Across the world, aid organisations are working to support, care for and protect vulnerable populations forced to flee their homes be