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What do you get when you ask a whole bunch of proud Kiwis to share their little slice of paradise with the rest of the world, every day for 365 days? A genuinely warm ‘Good Morning World’, a feeling of being part of the whānau and a Global Effie.

As if the magnitude of producing a multi-region advertising campaign to run the course of a year – complete with 92 days of filming (the equivalent of three and a half feature films of footage) creating over 2900 outputs – isn’t a mean achievement on its own. To be named as one of only three agencies in the world to win at the Global Effie: Multi Region competition, may give some indication as to just how special Tourism New Zealand’s ‘Good Moring World’ campaign is.

The campaign, co-created between Special Group’s New Zealand and Australian offices, saw every day New Zealanders say “Good Morning World” for 365

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