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Marvel’s Avengers
Just as Kamala Khan is ecstatic and excited to meet her superhero idols, The Avengers, and team up with them in the single-player campaign, it genuinely brings a smile to our face that Crystal Dynamics seems to feel the same way about PS5. Enhancemen
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition1 min letti
Old Money
Whether it’s a retro rarity or simply had a limited printing, each of these games is already mega-expensive in physical form. If you want to nab them, buying them digitally while the stores exist and backing them up could be the best option you’ll ha
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition1 min letti
The comeback kid’s first paid DLC introduces a fighter, Estel Aguirre, alongside more moves and weapons for the existing roster of characters. Previously a boss in the base game, Aguirre is only the first of three new characters to be announced – mor