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Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition2 min letti
2021 looks Hi-Rez
When it comes to free-to-play live games, Hi-Rez Studios has provided plenty of ways to spend time with pals over the years, from military shooter Rogue Company to hero shooter Paladins and almost-certainly-the-best-MOBA on PlayStation Smite. During
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition2 min letti
Maiden Voyage
Only on PS5, you can experience Resident Evil Village for yourself in the console-exclusive demo called Maiden. This is a standalone experience set inside Castle Dimitrescu, designed to showcase the game’s PlayStation 5 graphics and unsettling 3D aud
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What’s In A Name?
Lucasfilm Games is the new name you need to keep an eye on. The brand covers more than Star Wars. The label has revealed an Indiana Jones game is in the works from Bethesda, MachineGames, and Todd Howard. Let’s hope it’s coming to PlayStation. ■