Lion's Roar


IT STARTED BEFORE I was born. It began before you were born, too, this turning wheel of racialized consciousness. Its tracks are evident across the face of time and the threads of human connection.

Let us propose this is not an intractable condition but a legacy of human thought, speech, and physical behaviors. Our racialized consciousness and the suffering and confusion associated with it need not continue. This moment in our social history compels us to invite ourselves into a path of discoveries, learning, and practices to transform our karma.

I ponder the wheel, an ancient invention of great practicality. Its shape appears throughout human history in art, culture, science, and spiritual traditions. It has provided a powerful image and metaphor for the spiritual

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Lion's Roar3 min letti
4 Wisdom
INTERBEING IS A TERM INVENTED by Thich Nhat Hanh to describe the profound interconnectedness of all things: that nothing can exist by itself alone; it can only ever inter-be with everything else. So when in Buddhism we speak of “no self” or “emptines
Lion's Roar4 min letti
Finding Myself In The Garden
“Tell me the landscape in which you live, and I will tell you who you are.—José Ortega y Gasset GROWING A GARDEN is an act of love and hope. A garden cannot be planted without them. They are as essential as soil, air, and water for the garden to grow
Lion's Roar3 min lettiPsychology
1 Mindfulness
THE PALI WORD FOR THE three poisons of greed, hatred, and delusion is kilesas. This is translated in a number of ways: as poisons, toxins, defilements, stains, vexations, or afflictions. But I lean toward an alternative translation: torments of the h