Lion's Roar


IT STARTED BEFORE I was born. It began before you were born, too, this turning wheel of racialized consciousness. Its tracks are evident across the face of time and the threads of human connection.

Let us propose this is not an intractable condition but a legacy of human thought, speech, and physical behaviors. Our racialized consciousness and the suffering and confusion associated with it need not continue. This moment in our social history compels us to invite ourselves into a path of discoveries, learning, and practices to transform our karma.

I ponder the wheel, an ancient invention of great practicality. Its shape appears throughout human history in art, culture, science, and spiritual traditions. It has provided a powerful image and metaphor for the spiritual

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Arts Of Zen
Calligraphy by Hakuin. Above the character “Virtue” it reads: “If you pile up money for your children and grandchildren, they won’t be able to hold onto it. If you pile up books for your children and grandchildren, they won’t read any of them. No, th
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Just So
From Moments of Joy: The Poetry of Sister Jina, Chan Dieu Nghiem. © 2020, with permission from Parallax. ■
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How To Become A Bodhisattva
WHEN HE WAS ASKED recently what will happen after he dies, the Dalai Lama shrugged and said he didn’t know. But he prayed he’d be reborn wherever there is the most suffering. As I sat with this remarkable statement, it occurred to me that this is the